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All your health & fitness needs, finally in one app.
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Connect with friends, coaches, nutritionists & PTs.
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Track your training & nutrition. Simple, powerful & free.
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Find coaching, meal plans & workout programs easily.
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Let Shredded help achieve all your lifestyle goals.

Big vision. Tons of features. Simple to use.

Shredded aims to improve fitness, diet and health around the world, by creating an all encompassing platform which assists a proactive, healthy lifestyle.


Simplifying the complex

The team at Shredded is committed to simplifying the complex and constantly changing space of health and wellness. By thinking big, really big, we are hard at work to provide a platform which integrates the features people at all levels need and want in their wellness journey.

To have a single source of truth for programs, exercise and diet tracking, personal training and social is no easy feat. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single platform which provided all these things and more, in a simple, cohesive way which helped you if you were just beginning a fitness journey, all the way through to being world class?

With Shredded you can. Simple. Powerful. And it's free.

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Features to fuel your passion

Shredded offers extensive tracking for any individual regardless of their activity or interest. We provide simple, yet powerful tools for statisticizing your fitness journey.

Anything from swimming, body building, hiking to Crossfit, Shredded has integrated the ability to fully record whatever your passions are. Want to keep track of your diet too? No need to leave the app for that, Shredded has you covered.

Looking for a personal trainer, coach or nutritionist? Find one directly within the app. It's easy to buy workout programs, meal guides or pay for personal training with just a few taps.

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Create custom workouts

Put together routines with all your favorite workouts structured to help achieve your goals.

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Feature-rich metrics tools

Feature-rich tools like supersets, RPE, mappable exercises and extensive customization to your desired metrics.

Set goals and achievements icon

Set goals and achievements

Achievements encourage users to reach their fitness goals and targets. These can be set by trainers, yourself or by friends.

Log and track meal plans icon

Log and track meal plans

Complete dietary and nutritional recording available to any user. Log a one-off meal or create full diet plans that last for an indefinite or finite period.

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Get training help

Find a local PT or get remote coaching from around the world. Easily pay for their services, programs or content as needed.

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Connect socially

Interact with friends, followers and post images or videos to Shredded. Express your fitness and health interests on a platform dedicated to your improvement.


Connected coaching

The online marketplace enables health and wellness professionals to provide coaching and training guidance, in person and remotely. Connect with trainers and they will be able to send you workout routines, diet plans, offer coaching advice, check in on your progress, tweak your training and more.

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Fitness professionals

A complete tool to help your business

Build and sell fitness programs

Build workout programs and diet plans, then sell them direct in app to clients. You or your clients can easily record to these, allowing you both to monitor progress; fully customizable and graphed.

Easy payment methods

Accept credit card payments securely from customers almost anywhere in the world. Get paid directly for your services, whether they are face to face, classes, programs, hourly or subscriptions.

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express
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One of the big players?

Already invested in another system? Have your own app or platform?

Try Shredded and see how it compares. We know you will love the simplicity and power of what we have to offer. We want you to focus on content creation and your vision to smash goals and help your clients. Not to have to figure out nerdy stuff like tech and coding!

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