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Unifying the health & fitness space.

We couldn't find a single, simple, but powerful, platform which catered to all aspects of our journey. We founded Shredded to bring everything you could want in one place.


Why Shredded was born

Too many apps and websites?

We know what health and wellness is like today, no longer is it just a niche, it's mainstream. This has led to an explosion of products and services to offer assistance in this area.

There's an app for tracking your runs and cardio. Then there is one for weights. Another for your diet and calories, another to post your progress socially. Still more you have to use if you are following the latest diet trend or workout class. Not to mention if you want some personal training or you're a wellness professional and provide training or services yourself! Add in some wearables to the mix and you easily have 5 or 10 different platforms, websites, apps and devices to manage; you often simply end up using none of them!

It just gets too much!

We feel your pain and understand. We have been there. The team at Shredded has decades of experience in the health and fitness space; we've tried it all.

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Our mission:

To simplify and improve the entire health and wellness space.

Doing this we ultimately want to help people live better lives. Yes, that's a BIG goal, but it's yet to be done and we think aiming big is a good thing!


How we help

We know a thing or two about health and wellness and this was the driving force behind the Shredded platform. We are sick of so many different choices only catering to a specific segment.

Your health isn't just one area, but a combination of many different evolving factors; all which continue to change with age, economics, location, work, injuries and interests.

Shredded is a single platform which understands these factors and can help a person going for their first run or an athlete at competition level both achieve progress. We have refined our user experience to carefully present the most common things the majority of people need, at the same time not compromising on more advanced ones when you want or grow into them.

This allows you to start simple and progressively advance, or jump right in with the powerful features. Whatever you require is just right there, or in the pipeline.

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