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Track, graph & record workouts of any type. Level up.
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Manage your diet to lose weight or gain muscle.
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Marketplace for coaching anywhere, anytime.

We offer extensive tracking for any individual.

No matter what your interests are, we've got an easy, dynamic platform for your health and fitness journey. Feature-rich and built with your unique goals in mind.



A fully fledged tool to keep track of your fitness progress. Suitable for any type of exercise or training.

Capable of the simple stuff like a one-off workout, right on through to recurring multi-week programs with morning and evening workouts.

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Exercise library icon

Exercise library

Pick from our extensive library of exercises or create your own.

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Quickly record a workout

Jump right in and start recording what exercises you are performing or completed.

Workout templates

Save time later by creating a routine to use again and again.

Programs for on-going training

Need more depth? Create a program spanning any number of weeks and assign routines for whatever days you like.

Chart and graph your progress

Keep track of how you are progressing with our graphing tools and detailed stats.

New to fitness and not sure where to start?

Use Shredded to find training, routines or programs. Easy payment without ever leaving the app.



Keep it all under one roof and use the same app to maintain the diet that suits your needs. Flexible enough to change as you change.

Record water, meals, snacks and more. Shredded is capable of casually tracking on a day by day basis, or complete diet plans; so you can find the perfect fit.

Healthy and fit girl at the gym

Common foods and ingredients

We have a large collection of food and beverages to help you get started, with more added regularly.

Easily log when you eat something

Find the food or create your own and record it for the day.

Diet templates

Create a daily diet to populate the day's meals and reuse it whenever you please.

Meal plans for specific goals

Build a meal plan to achieve results over a period of weeks or months.

View simple and detailed stats

Keep an eye on what's in your food and where you are toward your goal.

Food and diets can be boring

Search for meal plans to keep things interesting, yummy and fresh.



Stay solo and use your free Shredded account just for diet and exercise tracking, or get social and connect with others.

Find inspo, help or participate in challenges for achievements. Your account lets you be as active as you feel comfortable. Share videos, pictures, diet and training with our global community.

Healthy and fit girl at the gym

One account for everything fitness

Our simple and free sign up process gives you access to a single platform, purpose built for people just like you.

Find friends and idols

Participate for achievements, comment and like posts, share your training and much more.

Share your healthy lifestyle with the community

Post videos and images to your followers. Edit your content, apply filters or import from your camera roll.

Explore the platform

See what others are sharing and get inspired. Follow, message or just watch.

Customizable and secure profile

Share what you want or keep things hidden. We respect your data security and privacy.

Get the help you need

Browsing profiles and see a diet plan, workout program you like? It's easy to buy in-app with just a few taps.



Ever found that guy or gal on Instagram and thought about buying or bought their program? Trained with a PT or coach at the gym? Subscribed to an on-going service?

Our marketplace allows you to do all that and more. Easily, from one place and without the friction which is often present on other systems. All you need is our app.

Healthy and fit girl at the gym

All in one place

Instead of every part of the process being separate, Shredded brings the entire flow under one roof.

Find and buy

Encounter that guy or girl with your dream body? Easily buy their coaching and never leave the app.

Option and allergy friendly

Get diet plans which are gluten free, vegetarian, vegan or more. We support your requirements.

We accept all major payment methods

It's easy to setup in app payment with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and more.

In person or remote

Get professional services in person or remotely from coaches around the world.

Got something to offer

Upgrade your account and start selling your own custom workouts, diet plans, coaching or services.

Start your Shredded journey today.

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